Various aspects of the processing of non-social information are studied there with the help of experiments in psychology and cerebral imagery: visual perception (A. Bertone), logic and intelligence (I. Soulières), particular interests and repetitive behaviors (C. Jacques) and social cognition (B. Forgeot d'Arc). One of the specificities of our group is to benefit from the expertise of an autistic researcher, Mr. Dawson, who is involved in several projects.


Our group has established a notable proportion of the findings on autistic cognitive strengths, and has helped change the image and understanding of autism.


Within this group, I am particularly interested in developing expertise in autistic people and how this differs between different people with autism.

We are now studying how the cognitive forces of autistic people in the early recognition of printed characters could allow them to access oral language and improve their integration into the world, particularly in still non-verbal children.


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